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District Officer 2017-2018
Ashley Wilson VP

DECA is to enhance the education of students with interests in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.

Over 185,000 high school students in 5,000 chapters, located in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Guam benefit from the unparalleled network and curriculum–enhancing programs DECA provides for those with an interest in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

DECA helps students to develop skills for successful business careers, build self–esteem, experience leadership and practice community service.

DECA members create friendships with like–minded people from all over the world at career and leadership conferences and build resumes that move them to the top of the job and college application list.



Our Mission

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.



Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles explain how we fulfill our mission by addressing what we do and the outcomes we expect. DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, applying learning in the context of business, connecting to business and the community and promoting competition. Our student members leverage their DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders.



Attributes And Values

Our attributes and values describe DECA's priorities and standards. We value competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork.



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CCHS DECA 2017 Winners


CSP:  Brittney Colbath, Tiana Byrd, Jashel Negron-Aponte

CMP: Alexandria Brown, Jordan Speight, Bryant Williams
BOR: Rebekah Garris, Ashli Hawkins, Aspen Raine
BOR: Trina Canion, Bianka Knotts, Daniel Duran

BOR: Kaleb Escobedo, Addie Cook, Jayda Carter

BMOR: Kaleb Honts, William Thomas

ENGB: Rebekah Garris, Brandon Parton, Tariq Anthony

EPP: Adrian Alejos, Jaydon Dilling, Sean Adams

FLPP: Deric McPhail, Mikayla Devins, Tierra Mendoza
FOR: Teresa Sherman, Alexandra Doyle, Caine Garner

HTOR:  Ashley Wilson, Chase Thomas, Myles Alexander

HTOR: Fernando Ramirez, Victoria Espinoza, Ariana WIlson
LEP: Marcus Ortiz, Celina Resto, Cameron Thomas

PRP: Sihyeon Stephans, Joshua Canete, Kendall Small
SEOR:  Gabriel Williams, Kyle Wall, Marcus McCrea
SEOR: Hunter Elson, Seth Wheeler, Arianna Martinez
TTDM:  Elijah Washington, Sasha Dears
MTDM: Jose Concepcion-Rodriguez, Nakima Marshall


CCHS DECA 2016 Winners 

Group Photo of 2016 DECA Winners.  See Names Below

CSP:  Nicolle Loya, Makayla McTeer, Brittney Colbath
ENGB: Dylan Gochie-Amaro, Marissa Sherman, Cody Gochie-Amaro
BOR: Ashley Wilson, Rebekah Garris, Ashley Ries
BOR: Mason Dyess, Dominick Strange, Wyatt Behara
PRP: Kaylyn Kirkpatrick, Marissa Thomas, Megan Shuck
HTOR:  Kayla Wilson, Cameron Wyers, Bradley Lawson
EPP: Shamad Lomax,Daliana Soto, Edward Sherman
LEP: Jake Abraham, Tessa Bliss, Sarah Lerchenfelt
SEOR:  JP Urquidez, Elijah Jordan, Ezekiel Jordan
SEOR: Cassady Jones, Harley Siling, Alexandra Doyle
FLPP: Emily Drever, Deric McPhail, Dylan Paine
ENI: Brett Dudden, Jason Trevino-Mora, Trey Conn
FMP: Tessa Bliss, Shurleanah Freeman, Celina Resto
CMP: Alexandria Brown, Carlton, Jones, Maizee Gonzalez-Gengler
Automotive Services Marketing: Damon Diaz



CCHS DECA 2015 Winners 

Group Photo of 2015 CCHS DECA Winners - See Names Below

CSP  Breyon Jackson, Andrew Leuthner,  Jaylen Waters
ENGB: Dylan Gochie-Amaro, Carlee Duran, Cody Gochie-Amaro
BOR: Daniel Hernandez, Nicolle Loya and Lesia Bridges 
BMOR: Tyler Butcher, Meechelle Abram, Dustin Goble
PRP: Kiyah Hays Tanner Scofield, Selena Romero 
HTOR:  Kayla Wilson, Cameron Wyers, Aubree Gonzales
EPP: Raina Shuck, Michael Nisle and Daliana Soto 
LEP: Caroline Darling, Jennifer Kloesel and Brendon Thompson 
SEOR:  Shamad Lomax, Briyana Whitley, Quiana Whitley 
SEOR: Isaiah Jackson, John Allen, Colton Tuiasosopo
SEOR: Michael Eveans, Malia Powers, Cassady Jones
FLPP: Nicole Como, Adriana Nelson, Dylan Paine
ENI: Destinee' Toleafoa, Jace Leimbach, Trent Canion
FOR: Tessa Bliss, Courtney Suel, Maizee Gengler-Gonzales
ENPI: Hunter Yauch 
Automotive Services Marketing: Damon Diaz
MET Apparel & Accessories Branding Event: Shakanah Herrera
MET Hospitality Service Branding Event: Lederian Johnson
MET Hospitality Services Branding Event: Isaiah Jackson
MET Hospitality Service Branding Event: Savannah Rodriguez
MET Food Marketing Branding Event: TRamesiya Haywood




CSP  Shaylah Conley, Bashan Swain and Meechelle Abram
BMOR: Daniel Hernandez, Briyona Whitley and Quiana Whitley 
BOR: Mathew Larsen, Lexi Frazey and Corey Jorgenson
PRP: Kari McCullough, Tanner Scofield and Taylor Loe
HTOR:  Brittany Gamble, Jaylen Waters and Adriana Nelson
EPP: Austin Abbey, Michael Nisle and Daliana Soto
LEP: Abigail McPhail, Jennifer Kloesel and Brendon Thompson
HTOR:  Aubrayon Woodkins and Parth Patel 
SEOR: Carlee Duran, Andrew Leuthner and Gabriel Perez
FLPP: Jaylaan Blake-Thames and Hunter Yauch
ENI: Alexus Blake, Alexa Jackson and Destinee' Toleafoa
ENGB: Cody Gochie-Amaro, Dylan Gochie-Amaro and Benjamin Meyer
MET Food Marketing Branding Event: Hunter Yauch
DECA Senior Management Institute Event: Carlee Duran
MET Branding Retailing Display Event: Kiyah Hays
MET Hospitality Service Branding Event: Michaela Moore
MET Hospitality Services Branding Event: Parth Patel
MET Hospitality Service Branding Event: Kamy Brothers
MET Food Marketing Branding Event: Vinshaun Guy



CCHS DECA 2013 Winners

Orion Greenwood, Robbie Seybold & Ayshia Young, FOR
Chante Kuhl, Zsanae Bracy & Abigail McPhail, LEP
Tyler Griffon & Robin Riley Jr, SEOR
Carlie Tuiasosopo & Kallum Griffin, EPP
Noah Barrows, Anna Palumbo & Ceaton Wilkerson, CSP
Mario Perez and Ashley Smith, PRP
Michael Sherman, Tylor Russell & Zacharia Jackson, BOR
Rebeka Pierce, Quiana Whitley & Robert Kilpatrick, BMOR
Eddy Connell & Malina Jenssen, FMP
Mathew Larsen, Ethan Burns & Hope Sturm, HTOR
Deion Robinson, Julian Vanryn & Gaberiel Jackson, EIP
Prais'Ja Woodkins and Chelsey Johnson, ENGB
Stephanie Masso and Nakeema Shaw, HTDM



CCHS DECA 2012 Winners

Orion Greenwood, Robbie Seybold & Kelsey Rivera, FOR
Chante Kuhl, Zsanae Bracy & Kayla Brown, LEP
Tyler Griffon, Rebecca Hawkenson & Robin Riley Jr, SEOR
Jonathan Silva, Rebecca Kirwan & Kallum Griffin, EPP
Kaitlyn Barrick & Steven Warren, CSP
Megan Martel, Ashley Marshall & Javier Gonzalez, PRP
Tremayne Jackson, Joshua Lyons & Carlie Tuiasosopo, BOR
Rebeka Pierce, Quiana Whitley & Rachel Lopez, FMP
Mathew Bridges, Sheldon Howard & Anna Palumbo, BMOR
Caitlyn Horengc, Courtney Hayman & Kyle Brunner, ADC



CCHS DECA 2011 Winners

Group Photo - CCHS DECA 2011 Winners


CCHS DECA 2010 Winners

Group Photo - CCHS DECA 2010 Winners



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