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CCHS Yearbook

The CCHS yearbook, Bulgeris located in Room 457 of the Fine Arts Building. If you have any questions, please contact adviser by email at   or call 254-547-2534




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Buy Your 2017 Yearbook Today

2017 Yearbooks – $75

Purchase At Student Services

 2017 Yearbooks are $75 plus tax ($6.19) = $81.19   



2018 Yearbooks

Order your 2018 yearbook online at

or pre-order

at Student Services @ CCHS

Early bird orders - the 2018 yearbook is $65  

 Regular Price for 2018 Yearbooks will be $75 plus tax ($6.19) = $81.19

Pre-order To Save !


Please remember that CCISD policy requires payment to be made in the form of:
cash, money order, cashier's check, or debit/credit cards.
No checks at student services on the CCHS campus.



Order Old Yearbooks

Get a yearbook from 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

for only $20 + tax (1.65)           $21.65 each

 (quantities are limited, so don't delay)

A few 2016 yearbooks are available

for purchase at student services

for $75+tax(6.19) = $81.19  



Senior Ads - 2018 Yearbook

-Order deadline extended-
January 31, 2018



Senior Photographs for The Yearbook

Seniors call Camera Artistry Photography @ 254-547-3980 

Call Mr. Lee Letzer at 547-3980 and schedule your appointment ASAP.  

The sitting fee charged to each senior covers the cost associated with professional studio time and all retouching. If you have any questions or concerns about this fee, please do not hesitate to email

Seniors are not required to purchase any photos.
The only photo the senior must take is for the yearbook.

Like underclassmen photos, the yearbook uses a specific professional photographer to photograph the students in grade levels in order to ensure consistency and quality of images published in the yearbook. 



If your son/daughter did not receive a PAID photo packet from a previous year,
please call Lifetouch @ 866-778-7314 or email 



Underclassmen Photos


Attention parents and students: if a student in grades 9-11 does not have his/her photograph taken on one of the three days that Lifetouch photography is on campus, then that student will not be in the yearbook. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that he/she has his/her photograph taken. A student does not have to purchase a photo packet to be in the yearbook, but the student must be photographed. The yearbook receives a cd with the photos of the students who were photographed by the Lifetouch photographers. We use this cd for the individual yearbook photos.

The CCHS yearbook will not refund the cost of a yearbook if the student is not on the CD that it receives from Lifetouch or in the individual photographs section of the yearbook. A refund will only be given if the student's name is misspelled in the individual grade section of the yearbook! Also, in the past, students have switched their labels with their pre-coded names with their friends before they give the labels to the photographer with the misconception of thinking they will receive a free yearbook or get a refund because they have a completely different name identifying them.

This is false!


Underclassmen Photography
Dates For Fall 2017

Students in grades 9-11 will be photographed during English classes on Tuesday, Sept. 27 and Wednesday, Sept. 28.  Order packets will be delivered to English teachers during the week of Sept. 19.  If a student does not receive an order packet from his/her English teacher, packets will be available in each grade level office, student services, front lobby, room 457, and in the auditorium during picture day(s). Students may turn in order money after they take their photos. All late order money must be turned in at room 457 (Fine Arts Building).   Students will be able to order images online as well.



Retake Day For Students
In Grades 9-11: TBA

The Photographer Will Be In The Cafeteria during All Lunches.  Order Packets Available At Student Services And All Offices. If You Ordered Photos And Do Not Like Them, Bring Photos With You To Retake Day In Order To Have That Package Replaced With New Photos.

If your son/daughter did not receive a PAID photo packet from a previous year, please call Lifetouch @ (866)778-7314 or email 


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