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Policies and Procedures

Mrs. Morgan's Class Policies & Procedures


Class Procedures:

“Rules are broken, procedures are practiced.”

  • Bring All Needed Materials To Class.
    • This includes being prepared with vocabulary composition book, binder, paper, pencil/pen, etc
  • Be Ready To Work When The Bell Rings.
    • Students will be prepared to write in their journals for the first five minutes of class.
  • Respect And Be Polite To All People.
    • Students will demonstrate respect for the teacher and other students in the class. I attend class to teach and the students should attend class to learn. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Appropriate behavior includes: listening carefully when the teacher or another student is speaking, and refraining from threatening, coercing, intimidating, or annoying any student or staff.
  • No Cell Phones, Cd Players, Mp3 Players, Food Or Drink Allowed In Class.
  • Respect Other’s Property.
    • Students will demonstrate care and respect for classroom property and the property of other students. This includes, keeping the classroom neat and clean, not writing on the tables, and being careful with equipment and supplies. Damage caused by irresponsible behavior will be the responsibility of the offending student to rectify.
  • Obey All School Rules.
    • Students will abide by the school’s policies on dress and grooming, harmful illegal substances, fighting, vulgarity and profanity.



Infringement of the above may result in loss of paritpation points, parents being notiied, and if necessary detention, office referral, or removal from class.

Discipline Plan:

  • 1st Violation: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Violation: Teacher detention
  • 3rd Violation: Action Plan/Essay
  • 4th Violation: Call Parents
  • Severe Disruption: Student sent immediately to office


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