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Attendance Requirements for Credit


Requirements for Credit

The Texas Education Code (TEC 25.092) states that a student must attend school 90 percent (90%) of the time scheduled for a particular course to receive credit for that course.  CCHS students who do not attend school at least 90 percent (90%) of the time the class is scheduled may lose their credits.  When a student accumulates four absences (excused or unexcused) in any one course first semester and five absences in the second semester, the student loses credit for that course.  CCHS will notify a student's parent in writing if the student is absent from school 3 or more days or parts of days within the semester. 



Loss of Credit / Regaining Credit

Students who lose credit due to excessive absences must appeal to the attendance officer within five (5) school days of that loss of credit; if not, credit will not be reinstated.  Students who appeal within the five-day period will appear before the Attendance Review Committee (ARC) to determine whether or not credit(s) will be reinstated.  The ARC will consider the number of absences, the classifications of absences, and the reasons for absences to determine whether credit will be reinstated. 

Students that wish to regain their credits will be placed on the Principal's Plan.  Completion of the principal's plan is required in order to be eligible for credit.  Basic components of the principal's plan include, but are not limited to the student not being allowed to miss any more class days or periods, attending tutorial sessions to regain valuable class time, completing community service, etc.  

If a student violates the campus ARC agreement and loses credit, he/she may then appeal to the CCISD Superintendent or designee at 254-547-1227 within 10 days of the loss of credit notice.