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Tennis Schedule

2017 Dawg Team Tennis Composite Schedule



Date Opponent Location Time
Aug. 7 Killeen   [V] Cove 8:00am
Aug. 8 Temple  [V] Cove 8:00am
Aug. 11/12 Centex Team Tennis Tournament [V] Cove/killeen 8:00am
Aug. 15 Harker Heights   [V] Cove 4:00pm
Aug. 18/19 Midway Team Tennis Tournament        [V] Waco 8:00am
Aug. 22 Lampasas    [V] Cove 4:00pm
Aug. 25 Ellison  [V] Cove 4:30pm
Aug. 26 Quad[Cove,Brownwood,Early,lakeview]  [V] Brownwood 8:30am
Aug. 29 Georgetown   [V] Georgetown 4:00pm
Aug. 31 Temple   [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Sept. 1 Temple    [V] Temple 4:00pm
Sept. 2 Quad  [Brownwood,Cove,Ellison,Taylor] Cove 8:30am
Sept. 5 Killeen *** [V] Cove 4:00pm
Sept. 7 Harker Heights  [JV Gold] Heights 4:30pm
Sept. 7 Robinson   [JV Blue] Cove 4:30pm
Sept. 8 Harker Heights ***[V] Cove 4:00pm
Sept. 9 Quad  [Belton,Bryan,College Station,Cove]    [V] Bryan/College Station 8:30am
Sept. 12 Killeen   [JV Gold] Killeen 4:30pm         
Sept. 12 Ellison [JV Blue] Ellison 4:30pm
Sept. 14 Gatesville   [V Blue] Cove 4:30pm
Sept. 15/16 Remember Ike Team Tennis Tournament Galveston TBA
Sept. 19 Midway  ***    [V] Cove 4:00pm
Sept. 19 Brownwood    [JV Blue] Brownwood 4:30pm
Sept. 21 Heights    [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Sept. 22 Liberty Hill   [V] Liberty Hill 4:00pm
Sept. 26 Shoemaker ***    [V] Shoemaker 4:00pm
Sept. 26 Gatesville    [JV Blue] Gatesville 4:30pm
Sept. 28 Belton [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Oct. 3 Ellison  ***    [V] Ellison 4:00pm
Oct. 5 Ellison    [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Oct. 5 Lampasas   [JV Blue] Lampasas 4:30pm
Oct. 7 Lakeview   [V and JVG] Brownwood 9:00am/1:00pm
Oct. 10 Belton   [V] Belton 4:00pm
Oct. 12 Lampasas  [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Oct. 12 Pflugerville  [JV Blue] Pflugerville 4:30pm
Oct. 13 Lampasas  [V] Lampasas 4:00pm
Oct. 14  Quad  [Bryan,Cove,Ellison,Lakeview]   [JV Gold] Cove 8:30am
Oct. 16/17 Bi-District Playoff [V] TBA TBA
Oct. 17 Gatesville   [JV Blue]   Cove 4:30pm
Oct. 19 Midway    [JV Gold] Cove 4:30pm
Oct. 20/21 Area Playoff  [V] TBA TBA
Oct. 23/24 Regional Quarterfinals TBA TBA
Oct. 27/28 Region I 6A Team Tennis Tournament TBA TBA
Oct. 30 Temple   [JV] Temple 4:30pm
Oct. 31 Gatesville 9th  Fall Invitational [9th] Gatesville 8:00am
Oct. 31 Robinson  [V] Robinson 4:00pm
Nov. 1-2 State Team Tennis Tournament TBA TBA
Nov. 2 Gatesville JV Fall Invitational   [V Blue] Gatesville 8:00am
Nov. 7 Georgetown 9th Fall Invitational   [9th] Georgetown 8:00am
Nov. 9 Georgetown JV Fall Invitational [JV] Georgetown 8:00am
Nov. 14 Killeen 9th Fall Invitational [9th] Killeen 8:00am
Nov. 16 Killeen JV Fall Invitational [JV] Killeen 8:00am
Nov. 17 Killeen Varsity Fall Invitational  [VG and VB] Killeen 8:00am

*** Denotes District 12-6A Team Tennis Match



If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact any of the following:

Paul Talbett
Head Coach

Jay Shaw
Varsity Coach

Marilyn Thorpe
JV Coach

Tyler Frank
JV Coach


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