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OnRamps is an initiative of The University of Texas at Austin that provides academic opportunities and support to prepare students for college success. They offer high-quality, dual enrollment courses in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Arts, and Humanities.


Benefits of OnRamps for students

  • Access: Brings the UT Austin experience to your local high school campus. Students are not required to take the TSIA to qualify for enrollment.
  • Transferability: OnRamps courses can transfer to public colleges and universities in Texas and beyond
  • Flexibility: Students who earn college credit may choose to accept or decline the credit based on their college goals.
  • Saves Money: Provides UT-core courses at 75% off the cost for the same courses taken on campus
  •  Preparation: Students gain early exposure to college expectations, easing the transition from high school to college


On Ramps is considered Dual Enrollment

  • OnRamps students receive separate grades for the high school and college courses. To be eligible for college credit, students must meet the minimum requirements of the university’s grading system indicated on each course syllabus.
  • The university’s Instructor of record will award students the appropriate grade based on their performance for the college course. The high school teacher will separately award credit for the grade earned in the high school course, which may differ from that for the college course.
  • Students can accept or decline college credit. Accepted credits will be officially recorded on UT college transcript and may transfer to any public colleges. Students who decline will not have a university transcript.
  • $149 per 3-hour course
  • $100 per 3-hour course if eligible for reduced lunch
  • $50 per 3-hour course if eligible for free lunch
  • Courses are offered on our campus are: English, Physics, Chemistry, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, US History, and Geoscience.

For more information visit UT OnRamps.