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2023-2024 Course Descriptions
2023-2024 Course Descriptions – Accessible Version for use with Assistive Technology.  (For this version the Couse Sequence flow charts have been replaced with numbered lists.  Courses are listed in the order in which they must be taken.) 

There are several factors that determine whether a course will be taught during the school year.  The two primary factors are the number of students who select a given course and teacher availability. Please keep this in mind as you visit with your counselor and/or academic advisor when selecting courses.  It is best to have some alternative options in mind as you develop your schedule.  Students are expected to remain committed to their selections during the school year. Schedules will be issued the first day of school or posted to Skyward family access prior to the first day.  Students are expected to follow their schedule for the entire year. Schedule changes will be made after the designated schedule change period only if an extenuating circumstance exists.  


Advanced Courses – Honors and AP (Advanced Placement)

College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide students with the opportunity to obtain high school credit in certain subjects while pursuing college-level studies. These rigorous courses also afford students an opportunity to receive advanced placement or credit upon entering college. Certain AP courses may not be offered due to insufficient enrollment. For more information, refer to your course description book or see your counselor. Taking an advanced course (Honors and/or AP) is a collaborative effort between the student, parent/guardian, and the school. Parents and students must carefully consider course requirements, student readiness, commitment, and personal schedule when deciding to take an advanced course. The school provides rigorous instruction and challenging course content in accordance with guidelines by the College Board for AP courses.

The student must make the following commitments to be successful in the enrolled course:

  1. Be organized and plan on putting forth maximum effort;

  2. Notify teachers when falling behind in class readings and/or assignments;

  3. Complete assignments, readings and projects outside of class time; and

  4. Attend tutorials if grade falls below a 75 at any point during the course/grading period.

Recommended for the 21-22 school year, required for 22-23 school year and beyond. Students must meet the following criteria to enroll in an Honor’s class:

  1. Received a grade of at least a 90 or higher in a previous Honor’s class or a teacher recommendation from the previous school year for the content area to be taken, or

  2. Socred in the Meets range on the EOC exam. 


Fees and AP Exams

Additional materials for Honors/AP courses may be required. Students will take the AP Exam on its scheduled date and time as outlined by the College Board. Students who are absent from AP testing due to illness may be able to take a makeup exam if proper documentation is provided for the absence. Failure to take the AP exam will result in the student having to reimburse CCISD for the cost.  Students will not be able to retake an AP exam toward earning enhanced credit. Contact the AP Coordinator with any questions or concerns.