Post-Secondary Education

Paying For College

  • There are several things to consider when applying for college. Cost is certainly one of those factors. Fill out the FAFSA after January 1st. This will help you determine how much grant and loan money you may qualify for. Student Aid is the only website to use, any others are probably scam websites.

  • Check the Counseling Center for new scholarships. Often, students wait until the last minute and many scholarships only have 3 or 4 applicants. Plan ahead, start a binder that has your transcript, letters of recommendations, and volunteer/work hours listed.

  • Check out College Guidance Consultants The username and password are both cchs. This site has over 600 scholarships available. Many of these might not fit you, but if you qualify for 20 of them then…well its free money if you try, so give it a look.

  • Fast Web and Scholarships are also good sites to take a look at.

  • Lastly, each university offers scholarships and aid to its students. Once you decide where you are going, fill out your university's scholarship forms. But watch their deadlines. Often the scholarship deadline for a school is different than the admission deadline for the school.

  • The Hamilton County Electric Coop Scholarship will be awarded to two seniors. Their parents must use HCEC, either their primary residence or property owned.

  • Automatic College Admission