2021-2022 Student Library Procedures

(All General School Policies and Rules Apply)


Hours: The CCHS library is open from 7:50am-4:15pm Monday through Friday.


Student Use: The CCHS library is designed for academic use by students; we provide circulating materials and services to help you acquire academic information of all types, perform research, complete assigned class work, study, read for pleasure, browse the collection. The library maintains an excellent book collection that supports the curriculum and provides access to quality digital resources. These digital resources can be accessed via the Destiny homepage.  So that the collection and equipment may be protected, students may bring food, drinks, candy, or gum into only the café area of the library. Students may have drinks with lids while using the computers. Library computers and programs are provided for student academic research; guidelines for computer use are posted throughout the library. Students may not use the library computers for chat rooms, games, social media or recreational "surfing."


Circulation: The CCHS ID card is the student's library card, and the student must present the card in order to check out materials. Students may not check out books for another student. It is the student's obligation to take proper care of all library books and other materials in a responsible manner and to return items promptly. Students are encouraged to renew books to avoid having to pay for lost books; however, if a book has been placed on reserve or if a teacher has requested that it be placed on reserve status, it cannot be renewed. Students may check out up to three items at a time, but students who frequently have overdue books, lose items, or damage items may have limited rights. Students with fines or overdue books may not check out items until the previous items are returned or the fine(s) is paid. Books are normally checked out for a period of two weeks (ten school days). Students may check out digital books using Destiny Discover (via Destiny). the Destiny Discover app, or SORA (please see the library staff for more information).  


Fines: If an item is damaged beyond repair or is lost, the student will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Books that are 30 days past due will be marked as lost, and the cost of the book will be charged to the appropriate account. If the “lost” book is returned (without damage), the fine will be waived. Damaged items will be assessed a repair or replacement fee. Refunds for lost and returned books (that have not already been replaced) will be given via district check. 


Passes: In accordance with CCHS policy, one or two students at a time may be sent to the library by a teacher on the teacher's official high school library pass or hall pass. The pass must have the date, the student's name, and the time s/he left class filled in completely; slips of paper, the nurse’s pass or any other “alternative” pass cannot be accepted. Students without the appropriate pass will be asked to return to class. When the student arrives at the library, s/he should sign in and give the pass to a library staff member, who will check the pass and note the time of arrival. Individual students in the library on a pass will not be permitted to disrupt students in another class who are working in the library. Substitute teachers may not send students to the library. During the lunch period, students will need a library pass to come to the library from the cafeteria. This pass can be checked out prior to the student’s lunch. Because of space restrictions during lunch, a limited number of passes will be issued. A pass is also needed for a student to leave the library to go to the cafeteria. In addition, cafeteria food may not be brought to the library.